1994: Martien Uyttendaele sets up the independent film distributor Paradiso. The company earns its stripes by distributing remarkable films. It also manages all film rights in-house. Today Paradiso is a fixed entity on the Benelux market.


In the beginning, Paradiso focuses mainly on Belgium and Luxembourg. The company calls in a partner to handle the Dutch market. But at the end of the nineties Paradiso opens an Amsterdam office as well, becoming the first distributor with its own distribution channel in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Major international producers and sales companies believe in Paradiso. New Line, Summit, Lakeshore, Filmax, Focus, Weinstein, 2929, all of them regard the film distributor as one of their key partners in the Benelux.


At Paradiso quality is far more important than quantity. Which is why the company strives for a healthy mix of the better art house and mainstream movies. The result is an impressive film catalogue with modern classics like The Blair Witch Project, Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3, About Schmidt, Cidade de Deus, Irréversible, Blow, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, John Q., 21 Grams, Birth, Fahrenheit 9/11, March of the Penguins, Good Night and Good Luck, El laberinto del Fauno, The Number 23, Il Caimano, Control, Irina Palm and many more.


Paradiso also takes a good hold on the growing home entertainment market too. In 2003 it merges with a Dutch video company: Laurus Entertainment, and gives it a new name: Paradiso Home Entertainment. As of that moment Paradiso takes charge of distributing its own films on the DVD sales and rental market.

Paradiso Entertainment België

T +32 (0)2 467 06 01
F +32 (0)2 467 06 00

Paradiso Entertainment Nederland

T +31 (0)20 615 92 22
F +31 (0)20 470 54 58

Paradiso Home Entertainment

T +31 (0)161 24 10 80
F +31 (0)161 22 71 00

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