The Band's Visit

In theaters from wednesday 23 april 2008

Comedy Drama | 90" | France, Israel, United States of America

A small Egyptian police orchestra comes to Israel in order to play a concert there. Due to circumstances, nobody comes to pick them up and they are left stranded at the border. The lack of communication between Haled, an arrogant but charming violin player, and the local girl at the information desk, sends them to a small, almost forgotten place in southern Israel. They get there on the night of the Shabbat, which leaves them with no public transportation, until the next day. Having to wait overnight, they interrupt the life of three locals - Iztzik, who is having a marital crisis with his wife; Papi, who is having his long awaited first date that night; and Dina, the owner of the local café, who is charismatic and strong, but also very lonely. That dreamlike and magical night becomes an allegory to the hope that had shone for a few years in the Middle East, and now has vanished but, hopefully, is not gone. A story of love, hope and dreams; a funny-sad tale that may have happened if things were just a little different.


Eran Kolirin


Eran Kolirin

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