Rush Hour 3

In theaters from wednesday 17 october 2007

Action Comedy | 90" | United States of America

In the heart of Paris lies a deadly secret. Half a world away in Los Angeles, Ambassador Han is about to disclose it. In his possession is explosive new evidence about the inner workings of the Triads – the most powerful and notorious crime syndicate in the world. The Ambassador has discovered the identity of Shy Shen, the very crux of the wide-ranging crime ring, and he's about to reveal it to the World Criminal Court – until he is silenced by an assassin's bullet. The Triads will go to any lengths to make sure their secrets stay buried, and there's only one hope for stopping them …


Brett Ratner

Rush Hour 3

wednesday 10 september 2008 - Sold

tuesday 03 june 2008 - Rental

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